About Us

The Enterprise Innovation Institute is Georgia Tech’s economic development arm. It serves as one of the primary vehicles to achieve Georgia Tech’s goal of expanded local, regional, and global outreach.

The Enterprise Innovation Institute is the nation’s largest, most comprehensive university-based program of

  • entrepreneurship and startup company development
  • business and industry growth
  • ecosystem development
  • international outreach

Reporting through the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research at Georgia Tech, our 14 programs help entrepreneurs, industry, and the public sector be more competitive and increase economic impact in Georgia, nationally, and globally. We are unique because we bring all of these areas of expertise into a single organization and are able to connect our clients to more than one program or service to meet their individual needs. Being part of Georgia Tech we connect customers to its vast resources, including world-class research, state-of-the-art facilities, internationally recognized experts, and top student talent.

Our Mission
Progress through Service by helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life, and collaborating with communities, enterprises, and organizations to increase their market competitiveness, strategic visions, and opportunities in Georgia and beyond through the application of science, technology, research, and innovation. Our mandate is rooted in inclusion, and we are committed to serving a diversity of clients, customers, and communities.

Our Vision
Redefine the service role of the technological research university in the 21st Century economy.

Click here for a list of EI2 senior staff, bios, and contact information.

Regional Offices
We operate a statewide network of 12 regional offices in Georgia to assist you. Our regional managers work and live within the areas they serve. If you have questions about any of our services, or about how to connect your company or community to Georgia Tech resources, contact the regional manager in your area. Click here for a list of the region managers, their contact information, and the counties within their specific regions.

Click here for a list of all EI2 staff and contact information.

Our Facilities
The Enterprise Innovation Institute is located in the Centergy Building in Midtown Atlanta. Anchored in Technology Square, the home to academic, commercial, residential, and retail tenants, our facilities provide commercial leasing opportunities and a variety of conference room options to technology entrepreneurs, investors, non-profits, and Georgia Tech corporate strategic partners. Visit the TechOnFifth website for more information. Click here for directions to the Centergy Building.