Alternative Media Access Center Featured in Forbes

California community college students with disabilities such as blindness and dyslexia now have quicker and easier access to alternative college textbooks, as the result of a new agreement to provide the alternative textbooks to the state’s 112 community colleges.

The agreement provides the Alternative Text Production Center (ATPC), a program of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, with a membership in the AccessText Network, a national online database of alternative college materials. The AccessText Network makes it quicker and easier to get the alternative electronic textbooks to students with disabilities such as blindness, dyslexia, or physical impairments that prevent the use of traditional hardcopy textbooks.

The AccessText Network is operated by the Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC) in Atlanta and is a unit of Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute. The Network has more than 500 colleges and universities in 49 states enrolled to participate in the system. There are more than 360,000 textbook titles available through the Network.

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