New Center Helps Bring Medical Technology to Market

Researchers across Georgia and the Southeast soon will have a new outlet for turning their ideas into reality for medical devices with the launch of the Global Center for Medical Innovation. . . . Ideas for new inventions previously have come from Georgia’s universities, medical practices and others groups, but many weren’t developed because the ability to build prototypes and other support structures weren’t there, and the projects were moved to California and other states, said Wayne Hodges, the center’s executive director. “Too often, they were staying there,” Hodges said. The center will be a resource for developing and testing prototypes, plus connecting with investors or companies interested in devices, he said. It will focus initially on cardiology, orthopedics and pediatrics. Slated to open early next year, the center is a partnership of Georgia Tech, the Georgia Research Alliance, Piedmont Healthcare and Saint Joseph’s Translational Research Institute. It has received roughly $3.6 million in funding from the research alliance and the U.S. Economic Development Administration.