Despite Challenges, Atlanta Seeing More Entrepreneurs

The economic downturn hit Atlanta as hard as anywhere in the country, says Stephen Fleming, vice provost, Economic Development and Technology Ventures, and executive director of the Enterprise Innovation Institute at Georgia Tech. Fleming has a diverse and relevant background to be helping Georgia Tech stimulate and nurture Atlanta startups. He has more than 14 years as a general partner in private equity and is currently a member of the Seraph Group‘s investment committee…  Fleming says that part of the challenge Georgia Tech faces in fostering innovation is to “Get beyond bricks and mortar.”… “We want to add a couple of other cities and get to the point where we can serve people who don’t want an office or don’t want one in Midtown Atlanta,” he says. “It’s a scaling challenge and it’s not a trivial task. I don’t have a model in mind because I don’t know of anyone doing this on a statewide level anywhere. If we can prove this, it could be a model for a lot of people.”
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