Connecting with Georgia Tech Resources


EI2 Makes a Difference through Connecting with Georgia Tech Resources

The Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) is strategically positioned as a unique support unit of the Georgia Institute of Technology. As the outreach arm of Georgia Tech, EI2 is your portal to all that Georgia Tech has to offer. EI2 is proud to be a link to cutting-edge research that has a measurable impact on the communities we serve.When you connect with EI2, you are gaining access to one of the nation’s leading research universities. Georgia Tech is known nationally and internationally as a leader in scientific and technological research. EI2’s unique position to connect clients with specialized resources and technical expertise has resulted in the launch and improvement of a variety of businesses and organizations at every stage of growth, giving these organizations a more competitive and sustainable edge.Contact EI2 to meet your goals, whether that’s through the application of research findings and the development of leading-edge technologies and techniques, or the establishment of collaborative partnerships and funding opportunities. Partnerships with EI2 consist of connections to vast campus resources, including: