How We Make a Difference

EI2 Makes a Difference through Impacting the Economy

The Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) is comprised of specialized programs working to bring positive impact to the overall economy. By implementing state-, federal-, and internationally sponsored initiatives, as well as customer-driven services, EI2 serves as a primary vehicle to achieve Georgia Tech’s goal of expanded local, regional, and global outreach. By offering a multitude of programs and utilizing our Georgia Tech connections and partner network, EI2 is uniquely positioned to provide our diverse set of clients – whether in startups, private industry, the public sector, or students – with the knowledge and resources needed to achieve their goals. Georgia Tech is quickly becoming a “knowledge hub,” that is focused on practical knowledge, especially in technology transfer and regional interactions. EI2, on behalf of its clients, is able to utilize the advancement of science, technology, and innovation to provide assistance, education, and training in order to help you:

  • Achieve economic stability.
  • Realize organizational growth.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Implement best practices to become sustainable.
  • Conduct successful analysis for implementation.
  • Take on new initiatives in your organization or community.

EI2 Client Impacts
Last year, EI2 clients achieved the following results:

  • Helped Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) companies and graduates achieve more than $1.6 billion in revenue. Companies associated with ATDC have attracted nearly $2.8 billion in investment capital to date.
  • Helped Georgia companies secure $592 million in government contracts and create or save an estimated 11,850 jobs.
  • Served 1,440 Georgia manufacturing companies and helped them increase sales by $219 million, create or save 1,910 jobs, and slash operating costs by $40 million.
  • Assisted Georgia Tech faculty members in evaluating 235 research innovations and helped form more than 30 new companies based on this intellectual property. In all, Georgia Tech research innovations drew $33 million in direct investment and created 737 jobs.
  • Served 505 technology startup companies that generated capital activity (venture capital investment and mergers/acquisitions) of more than $270 million.
  • Assisted 96 minority entrepreneurs who, as a result, received nearly $93 million in new contracts, increased sales, and secured new bonding/financing.
  • Helped 20 Georgia companies prepare proposals for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants and win more than $11 million in awards.