Industry Services – Overview
Growing business and industry in Georgia through the application of science, technology, and innovation is the focus of Industry Services.

  • Comprehensive services to improve the competitiveness of Georgia’s business and industry.
  • Services include direct technical and engineering assistance, continuing education courses, facilitation of networks, and connecting companies to Georgia Tech resources.
  • Established more than 60 years ago as Georgia Tech’s Industrial Extension Service
  • Engineers and professional staff located throughout the state.

We can help you:

  • Implement process improvement programs and lean manufacturing training
  • Launch quality management systems, including ISO standards
  • Improve energy efficiency and environmental impact management
  • Develop new product and researching new markets
  • Increase your sales to the federal and state government.
Programs of Industry Services include:

In the past year, Industry Services assisted nearly 3,000 Georgia companies, helping them reduce operating costs by over $17 million and creating nearly 20,000 jobs.