health@ei2 is at the intersection of healthcare and technology and is transforming the health delivery system through the application of technology that will be critical to the success of new care delivery models.  By facilitating the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology and developing solutions that aid in the exchange of health information and facilitating Georgia Tech research, health@ei2 is able to assist its healthcare stakeholders to:

  • Improve individual and population health.
  • Reduce the growth of healthcare costs.
  • Engage patients and families in managing their own health.
  • Improve healthcare safety.

Who health@ei2 Serves

  • Georgia Healthcare Providers (physicians, mid-level providers, hospitals, etc)health@ei2 provides advice, assistance, and practical support to healthcare providers that adopt IT and other solutions through the Health Information Technology Meaningful Use Technical Assistance program. health@ei2 is a sub-recipient of the Georgia Health Information Technology Extension Center (GA-HITEC) and is funded by the ARRA HITECH Act. GA-HITEC’s mission is to assist Georgia primary-care providers in becoming adept and meaningful users of electronic health records (EHR), which qualifies them for the Medicare or Medicaid EHR Incentive Program funds.  health@ei2 also provides advice, assistance, and support to healthcare providers that are interested in the development of a Patient Centered Medical Home and associated Accountable Care Organizations.
  • Health IT Companies, Leaders, and Practitioners – through the Interoperability and Integration Innovation Lab (I3L), a virtual and physical collaboration space for health IT companies, thought leaders, and practitioners, health@ei2 is able to provide access to a growing suite of open-source and commercial resources focused on helping health IT innovators bring products and services to market more efficiently. I3L is working to advance patient-centered, cost-effective, and safer healthcare.
  • Breast-Cancer-Care Provider Organizations – working with the three major provider organizations in Rome, Georgia, health@ei2 is improving the patient experience by giving newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and their caregivers the ability to play an active role in treatment planning and healthcare decision-making.
  • Patient-Mediated Health Information Exchange, the facilitation of coordinated, patient-empowered and centered care, is the focus of a Challenge Grant awarded to the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH).
  • Georgia’s Future Health IT Workforce – in partnership with Gwinnett Technical College, health@ei2 is training veterans, the unemployed, and the underemployed to work in the IT roles for which healthcare industry is in immediate need of a trained workforce. This program, called “Feet on the Ground,” was launched at Gwinnett Technical College in March 2013 and will be available online throughout the Technical College System of Georgia in late 2013. The program is being funded through a federal Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Award.
  • Georgia Businesses – through the program, health@ei2 is bringing together business owners, human resource professionals, and others in an online community to share best practices for dealing with the impact of rising healthcare costs on non-health-related businesses.
  • Health IT Start-Ups and Established Firms Seeking a Health IT Marketplace Niche  through the Job Accelerator’s SBA funding, health@ei2 partners with these firms to provide early voice of market, proof-of-concept testing, opportunities to partner with other companies to grow revenue, and networking with the country’s most robust health IT cluster.
  • Georgia Tech Faculty and Employees – health@ei2 has developed MyGTHealth, a personalized health educated website, for use by Georgia Tech faculty and staff. health@ie2 developed the site, which is in a pilot phase and will soon be available to all 7,400 Georgia Tech employees, in collaboration with a technology company.

The health@ei2 Difference

health@ei2, a national Jobs and Innovation Accelerator award recipient, has become Georgia’s health care destination for providers and technology partners. By achieving higher-quality, lower-cost and inclusively accessible healthcare, health@ei2 is helping to facilitate a healthier Georgia. health@ei2 is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of specialists in healthcare, information technology, finance, engineering, economic development, and marketing.

health@ei2 is part of the Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) at Georgia Tech, which helps enterprises improve their competitiveness to significantly impact the economy. 

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