Public Sector

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The Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI2) links public-sector organizations and non-profits to cost-effective solutions to meet goals that are often unique to government-run enterprises. As a state-run institute, EI2 at Georgia Tech understands the distinctive requirements associated with being a government entity, and can provide you with services, training, and connections necessary to help support your overall purpose. Whether you work for a local-, state-, or federal-government agency; a public or private university; a k-12 school; a hospital; or a non-profit, EI2 is available to partner with you in order to help you:

  • Conduct research and evaluate data to support your mission.
  • Monitor grants.
  • Make your workplace accessible for your customers and employees.
  • Understand healthcare solutions.
  • Maintain certifications.
  • And more.

In addition, as the business outreach organization for Georgia Tech, EI2 is able to help you connect with the larger Georgia Tech network of partners – including our industry clients – and Georgia Tech’s resources, including faculty, staff, students, research, technology, and services of other units on campus.

The following EI2 programs help the public sector become more competitive and drive positive economic impact:

Economic Development Lab: helps governments, communities, foundations, entrepreneurs, and small businesses foster value creation by applying innovative ideas, technology and policy to initiatives focused on economic growth.

Innovation Strategy and Impact: fosters local economic development and drives innovation within communities.

health@EI2: provides assistance and support to communities and organizations to help improve individual and population health.

The Contracting Education Academy: assists and trains government contracting officials with strategic sourcing to achieve cost savings, higher utilization of small businesses, and streamlining of contracting processes.

Energy Management and Technology Program: utilizes research by world-renowned faculty and conducts projects with the public sector to assist the overall state and federal mission of managing energy consumption.

Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center (GTPAC): connects government agency contract opportunities to Georgia businesses.A chart showing the names of programs and the categories they fit into with a whole or half circle indicating that it is a startup, industry, public sector or student program, or some combination of those categories

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