Samsung Expands Wireless Research Facility at Georgia Tech

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. has significantly increased its research presence here, opening a new wireless-technology laboratory and expanding its working relationship with the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Homoon Kang, CEO of Korea-based Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., led a recent dedication ceremony that marked the expansion of the company’s North American Design Center on the Georgia Tech campus.  The Samsung Design Center focuses on research and development of mixed-signal integrated circuits, primarily for use in wireless applications.

The new Samsung facility, located in the Centergy One Building at 75 Fifth St. NW, houses 5,400 square feet of laboratory and office space.  The new center is located close to its Georgia Tech research partner, the Georgia Electronic Design Center (GEDC), which is headquartered in the Technology Square Research Building at 85 Fifth St. NW.

“This is a very satisfying day for us at Samsung,” said Kang. “We are proud of our research work in Georgia, and we look forward to ongoing success in our partnership with the Georgia Electronic Design Center.”

The Samsung Design Center first opened in 2005 in the Technology Square Research Building. It has now grown to more than 50 full- and part-time employees, and Samsung has announced its intention to have 100 full-time and 50 part-time people working for the center within two years.

“The Samsung project is a prime example of the importance of the city’s and the Atlanta Development Authority’s (ADA) focus on strong, long-term economic development partnerships,” said Shirley Franklin, mayor of Atlanta. “ADA has been a partner with Georgia Tech since the inception of Technology Square and maintains a great working relationship with the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the Georgia Electronic Design Center and the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute.”

Mayor Franklin praised Samsung for its investment and expressed confidence in the continued growth of the company’s research center.

Among the dignitaries on hand at the opening ceremonies was Ken Stewart, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Stewart later noted that since its inception the Samsung effort has had the combined support of his department, the Georgia Research Alliance and Georgia Tech.

“The expansion of the Samsung design center is a true win-win event for both Samsung and the State of Georgia,” he said. “This successful center can be expected to serve as an ongoing economic asset for the city and the state, as well as a beacon to other top international microelectronics players.”

Kwang Wook Bae recently took over as executive director of the Samsung center.  Chang-Ho Lee, Ph.D., who has been with the center since it began, now serves as research director.

The Samsung center is currently researching core technologies for next-generation communication systems, with particular focus on development of CMOS-based system-on-chip devices for modem, digital and RF systems. One device under development is a cost-effective, highly efficient CMOS-based transmitter for wireless communication applications.

Innovations developed by researchers at the Atlanta-based design center are expected to impact a broad spectrum of Samsung’s worldwide product offerings, according to company executives.

Samsung’s former space in the Technology Square Research Building will continue to be used by GEDC for work related to Samsung’s research interests.

“We are delighted that Samsung is increasing its research profile here,” said Joy Laskar, director of GEDC and Schlumberger Chair in Microelectronics in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. “We expect this partnership between Samsung and GEDC to continue to develop key new technologies in cognitive radio and other important wireless fields.”

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