Why You Should Start a Company in Atlanta

It used to be, if you were serious about starting a tech company, you went to Silicon Valley. . the New York Times called Atlanta “corporate stronghold, a Southern belle and a hip-hop capital”  . . . What makes Atlanta great for start ups?.  . . . It needs world class universities where intellectual property is being developed, and then it needs a ready and able workforce. Atlanta has all three of those things. On the university side we have Georgia Tech and Emory to being with. Georgia Tech has a broad platform of technologies that they deliver and Emory has great life science capabilities.  . . .. we have strong expertise in internet security. FromIISS there’s been at least 15 companies that have been spawned from Internet Security Systems. And Georgia Tech has an internet security center that’s one of the world leaders in internet security research as well.  . . .People who come to school at Georgia Tech will stay and start companies. Or people will come to get their PhD at Georgia Tech or Emory and stay and start companies.  . .  .We have one of the oldest business incubators in the country, and one of the most successful at Georgia Tech. . .  . It’s called the Advanced Technology Development Center, and I think you actually came to me through Lance Weatherby who is a venture catalyst there who does a terrific job. You know, ATDC is an institution that just knows how to cultivate and build companies. It’s broadened its reach.

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