MBDA Business Center assists client in securing $6.6 million contract

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Located in McDonough, GA, Sirius Chemical Group, Inc. dba Global Water, LLC, was founded in 2004 by Jesse Storr. Sirius is a manufacturer of superior sanitation cleaners and a provider of licensed technology of high performance products, which enhance the cleaning process and maximize safety in commercial, industrial, and food and beverage facilities. The company is a leading solutions focused company operating with the sole intent of leveraging its unique intellectual capital opposite specific customer needs. It is focused on using innovative product development, equipment design and our collaborative partner network to make customers more productive and efficient; work conditions become safer as they improve effluent to the environment.


Jesse Storr’s plan is to create employment for 100,000 Americans and to provide clean drinking water at the tap to 130 million homes. He contacted the MBDA Business Center in Atlanta for assistance in developing a business plan to support the company’s growth. 


The MBDA Business Center staff researched sources of capital, provided introductions, assisted in developing presentations, and provided access to opportunities through Business-to-Business, client networking programs and open events.


Thanks to the MBDA Business Center’s efforts, Sirius Chemical Group secured a $6.6 million contract, which represents a greater than 90 percent increase in revenue.


According to Storr, working with MBDA was a great match. “The MBDA Business Center’s staff has skills that fit our business model perfectly,” Storr said. The account manager not only had a strong business development and chemical background, she also had practical experience with water. “This opened the door to establishing additional resources necessary for our company to move to new levels,” he said.