EI2 Energy Assessments to Save Carpet Manufacturer $2M Annually

Thanks to on-site plant visits by Georgia Tech students to evaluate energy-saving opportunities at Beaulieu of America, the carpet manufacturer discovered it could reduce its utility use by almost 15 percent with an estimated annual savings of $2 million, reports Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute.

The site visits addressed energy issues important to the specific plants including energy management, boilers, steam systems, large motor and drives, and compressed air systems. Based on the assessment data, Bob Hitch, a project manager with EI2 and other energy specialists at Georgia Tech  made energy conservation recommendations for each facility.

In addition to the energy conservation projects, DNR helped Beaulieu with its water conservation efforts. Based on the group’s recommendations, the carpet manufacturer could save more than 25 million gallons per year, or $81,600. Six months into the implementation, the team has already achieved $60,000 in savings.

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